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      Motivational Speeches

  • Top Executives "Secret", Sydney Australia, October 2019 - keynote speech about perspective and how some of your worst experiences can turn out to have a positive impact on your life.

  • 3rd International Extreme Sports Medicine Conference, Boulder, CO, June 2018 - keynote speech about coping with life changing injuries.

  • Flight Centre, Singapore July 17, 2016 - keynote speaker for over 3300 top employees. Speech was tailer made for Flight Centre based on their specifications.

  • Swiss Economic Forum, Interlaken, Switzerland, June 2015 - guest speaker on risk evaluation.

  • WUKAR, San Diego, November 8th 2014 - one hour keynote speech on fear and the importance of passion.

  • WeDay, United Kingdom, March 2014 - speakers included Al Gore, Richard Branson and Prince Harry to name a few. Speech was to 17,000 children at Wembley Arena on dreams and over coming obstacles.

  • Ideas Week, Chicago, October 18th 2013 - speech on training and skill.

  • Virgin Galactic, March 2012 - speech on risk evaluation and working under high stress conditions.

  • TedxUSC, July 2010 - speech on fear.

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